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Men & Women over 40 Get Your Booty Back in 6 Weeks. Hakuna Masquata - That’s Not a Typo.


96% Of Our Clients Love Us

Let’s keep it real. In a perfect world, everyone would be satisfied - right? We put our best foot forward each and every session, and somehow we just cannot please everyone! We are okay with that. People are not robots and sometimes things just do not workout the way we would like. If it’s perfection you seek, no trainer, studio, or program will live up to that. If you want consistent, professional, customized regimes, and a whole lotta fun - please check us out!

Buddy System!

Workout with your spouse, partner, sibling, co-worker, boss (yes we have been very successful with this), or BFF!

Accountability is one of the most effective ways to be successful in achieving any goal. Living a fit lifestyle is no different.

We all NEED this at every level, from beginner to advance. Our Buddy System was created to save my clients money on a tight budget.

What we learned is that it does not matter if the two are on entirely different training levels. The amount of work is the same - just split the bill and enjoy the savings, cohort, and of course the results!