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“Don’t assume, Make your word impeccable, Don’t take it personally, and Do your best!”    

Don Miguel Ruiz’ Four Agreements


About Us

Kevin Allen founded Namaste Fit Club in 1998 on the premise that everyone is an athlete.  He consistently drove that message every 30 minutes to his clients.  Kevin has always done things a little differently.  As a national level bodybuilder, he refused to be in the gym for hours on end.  So he developed 30-minute routines that worked on virtually anyone – there were exceptions but not many.   A key component was that no client would ever have to repeat the same workout!  Kevin also found that his clients were signing up for more sessions monthly than traditional 60-minute sessions.  Keeping the atmosphere light and the workouts challenging went hand in hand.  After hitting capacity in his studio with the number of clients Kevin was able to serve – he turned to group training at the request of his clients in order to expand.   In 2003 he expanded to a new location.  Kevin brought on top notch trainer’s to assist in proving the best service and in 2006 opened a second location dedicated solely for boot camps.    Namaste Fit Club was voted the best gym in the East Bay two years in a row and maintained a 95% satisfaction from his clients.  In 2015 Kevin was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer that almost left him paralyzed.  Although Kevin is still in treatment – he is back ready to serve his personal trainer peers on how to scale their businesses, programming, and crush it!


Finding Clients

It’s almost like where singles meet to find the love of their life online.  So there is all of these matrix’s to see if there is enough chemistry between you and your ideal mate, and then finally you meet in person.  While we won’t make a love connection we promise to get the right clients in front of you!  

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Providing a solid workout plan and establishing a good relationship with your clients and setting the tone for your sessions is not an option.  We’ll show you how to keep it fresh, new, exciting, and still be challenging.  Let our 30 years of experience help guide you.  There is no substitute for a great experience for both you and your clients. 

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Crushing It!

Finding clients is one thing – keep them is another.  Namaste Fit Club proudly maintain clients 12 years on average.  This did not happen by mistakes, although some were made!  We grew our client list from 38 clients to over 1,000 with team effort and systems in place.  Let’s take a look at what you are currently doing.  

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