Learn How To Burn the FAT to get PHAT!

This Is a Challenge ANYONE Can Do

  • Does the thought of seeing yourself naked make you speed up past mirrors?
  • Do you think it’s too late to make a difference?
  • Stop shopping for clothes every time a special occasion arises just because your old clothes don’t fit!

Creating an Experience That is Yours

Building Strength

Building strength is relative to the individual and your circumstances. We forget this at times with all of the media access at our finger tips. The good news is that not everything we see out out there is bad - not all of if applies to every BODY. Imagine having to learn how to dress yourself all over again as an adult.

Athletic Ability

Perhaps you have never played organized sports OR you have, but it's been a minute. Remember, "We meet you WHERE you are"? It's not a slogan - it's how we roll. And so we recommend you do the same. Be kind to yourself and others will too. It's a proven fact. Ever notice how teams treat their superstars?

Fixing The MIndset

As we get older the more we adopt the "ALL or NOTHING" mentality. So we end up of doing NOTHING. We see this as the leading cause of awesome people like you not achieving goals. This is especially true in working out. Less MORE often is better than NOTHING - and it's easier.

Results & Relationships That Last

I am so impressed with this place! I mean, the room we work out in (I’m there for the FIT bootcamp classes)….. The trainers are all passionate about fitness and they always encourage you, get you moving and your heart pumping. There hasn’t been one day where I didn’t leave soaked in sweat! 
Mercy D.

I was in a personal training session, and I overheard another clients say something like, “Man this is so hard”. And I thought, it’s harder when you don’t come and besides, we don’t come to Namaste Fit Club for “easy” we come for results! That’s exactly what I have been getting for the past two years. Keep it coming.
 “I never imagined myself being able to do personal training. I figured I wasn’t athletic enough or that I could not afford it. After a month of hitting the gym 5 days a week I hit a plateau. I wasn’t losing any weight and I got frustrated. Enter Kevin and Namaste Personal Training. Since it’s located a couple blocks from my office, I e-mailed Kevin asking about his services and he invited me over to talk to him. He wasn’t intimidating at all and he completely understood where I was coming from. I felt comfortable talking to him and he encouraged me to give it a try.” 

“My sister started coming to Namaste with a Groupon offer and have never left.  Kevin is amazing.  He hand picks his trainers and also steps in and teaches classes too when he’s not training his clients.  It’s ALWAYS fun and challenging.  I love coming to see Kevin and giving him a hard time”  Melissa C.

“Like my sister said, we started off with Groupon and developed a great relationship with Namaste, especially Kevin.  He’s funny but knows his stuff.  Always something new and challenging.  He keeps you guessing and it makes the time fly by.”   Allison  C.

There is no obstacle that we cannot work through! I am living proof of this.