Charge More for Less Time

Charge More for Less Time

“Are you crazy?”, you might ask.   Well before coming to THAT conclusion – hear me out.

  • How much do you charge per hour?
  • Are you at full capacity?
  • Do you teach classes and private clients?
  • Do you own your own studio?
  • Who is your best salesperson?

I am not going to answer ALL of these questions right here, right now.   As a personal trainer, former gym owner, and client I get it.  All of these questions go together into forming great relationships, expectations on the client and trainer side, and help create dynamic programming.

Imagine you have taken the time to learn all of the best of the best training techniques, purchased the best equipment, use the best software to run your business, and not to mention all of the hard work you have invested in your body to help others.  A potential client calls you and agrees to meet with you.  You proudly show them around and then they ask, “How much is it?”  You say the answer, and they say “Geez that’s expensive!”

Do you:

  • Read them the riot act and tell them that’s why they are in horrible shape? (I hope not!)
  • Ask them what they do for a living and make a comparison for value?
  • Tell them how hard and how much time you have invested in your business?
  • Pre-screen EVERY client before you meet them?  (Ding, ding, ding)

Absolutely screen every client before you meet them.  Give THEM a sense of value before you ever meet. That way they don’t flip out and you won’t either….


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