New to Namaste?

Whether you are new to creating a fit lifestyle or you are in need a fresh start, welcome! Our approach is firm with fun, strong but not overpowering, and best of all the focus is on you. Personal Trainer’s sometimes forget who is really in charge - we never lose sight of who is really in charge. Our clients agenda is the only agenda. We rely on their input to create a unique and ever changing regime each time we work with you. There are no cookie cutter workouts because our lives and bodies are changing all the time.

Intro Series

Still not convinced this is right for you, despite Kevin’s thousands of successful sessions?

That’s okay. Get 6 sessions of one on one personal training with Master trainer Kevin Allen for a steal!

Stop Struggling

Maybe you just need a boost in your current workout regime or a drastic overall. Either way book these dynamic 8 sessions with Master trainer Kevin Allen to get you engaged, focused, and on the right track to get results you deserve.

Eat, Lift, & Live!

I guarantee there is no ONE solution that suits everyone. Stop researching and start moving with precision according to your genetics, abilities, and goals. We support Paleo, Keto, South Beach, and a host of other dietary platforms. It does not matter how well you eat if you don’t have a balanced plan. Let’s get to it.