New to Namaste?

Whether you are new to creating a fit lifestyle or you are in need a fresh start, welcome! Our approach is firm with fun, strong but not overpowering, and best of all the focus is on you. Personal Trainer’s sometimes forget who is really in charge - we never lose sight of who is really in charge. Our clients agenda is the only agenda. We rely on their input to create a unique and ever changing regime each time we work with you. There are no cookie cutter workouts because our lives and bodies are changing all the time.


No matter how awesome your goals are and how well prepared you are - you are still where you are. If you have never had a gym membership or received one on one personal training - you will be pleasantly surprised to find you are truly the star. Let’s talk by clicking the button below.

Gym Rat Getting Back Into the Scene

Maybe you just need a boost in your current workout regime or a drastic overall. Time is the ultimate equalizer. You can stop or start it - it’s always on! Let’s use your experience to jumpstart a new you in less time than it took you to get “out of shape” - whatever that means! Click on the link below. Guaranteed to fit you.

Sporting Event/Special Occassion

Maybe you are in between a beginner and advanced level of fitness - cool. One of your friends, partner, or spouse suggest you participate in Tough Mudder! Maybe that special someone proposes to you. It could be your high school or college reunion. You have to get ready right? Click the button below to begin.