One More Rep – Pretty Please?

One More Rep – Pretty Please?

Said no personal trainer ever!  Don Miguel Ruiz said it best:Don’t

Don’t take it personally.
Do your best.
Make your word impeccable.
Don’t Assume

These are his “Four Agreements” if you can do only one that is GREAT!  I do my best to implement them all on a daily basis.  Get busy so you can kick back on your dream vacation for two.  You see, let’s say you someone is giving you grief – well if you did your best, that is the end of story.  Same goes for your workouts.  If you do your best no one can ask more of you – the problem is most of us don’t tap into our full potential.  I can tell you as an athlete who has had many coaches over the years I developed my scale of my own performance.  Great coaches know how to inspire one to reach deep down and pull out their greatest performances.  Many times it comes to self-esteem, and the keyword here is SELF.  My parents provided me with all the love and support anyone could ask for times ten.  Yet I still had very little confidence in myself until I believed in myself and let me tell you that was an awesome feeling.  It took me many years to get there but I never gave up because I believed if it could be done – why not by me?  I unknowingly adopted Don Miguel Ruiz’s “Four Agreements” at any early age and kept going.  Les Brown says “Ya gotta be HUNGRY!”.

I think most would lose respect for the English, Math, or Science teacher who said you don’t have to study just watch TV when you get home and if you fail the course – as long as you got to watch your favorite TV shows!  Come on now.  In the 25 years as a personal trainer and gym owner, I made it MY job to find out exactly where my clients were.

And we never say, “Please” because we respect each other to know I am always within these parameters:

I KNOW the current level of fitness.
We discover Your genetics.
Your daily commitment.

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